last shows and new song.


as i'm not really interested in doing music alone anymore, i guess that's it.
i'm playing a last tour with a last show in mülheim.
the dates are the following:

4.1. Düsseldorf
5.1. Berlin
6.1 Hamburg
7.1. Bielefeld
8.1. Mülheim

A Friend of mine did a video of the last a giraffe song, that will ever be written:

there will be no last cd-r, tape or anything. well, maybe i do tapes. but if i do so, there will only be like 8 oder 9. i don't have more. i'm lazy.

thanks to everybody who came to my shows, organized them or did anything else, which made me happy for at least 5 minutes.

i won't stop making music.
you hear me.



march 2011 and updates.

I spent most of this march on tour and took pictures constantly.
here is a small selection:

and still:
i continue the recordings next week, so they should be finished at the end of this month.
besides i'm writing new songs, which will be recorded and released under the name "family tales" at the end of the summer. (at least i hope so.)

apart from that i updated the shows.



tour+recorded songs.

I spent some time with KvG this evening and we mixed 5 songs of mine in a special radio version.
they will be on a tour-split with finger on tallinn.

you can listen to one of those here:

agreement#1 by oranelephant

our tourdates are:

10.3. münster, spec Ops
11.3. Bielefeld, ajz Bielefeld
12.3. Kassel, i'm not sure where we play
13.3. berlin, cafe in der linienstr. 206

have fun with all this.



I'm recording an ep right now with help by Max and Kai.
there'll be six or seven songs.
you can listen to a demo on soundcloud:


yours sincerely,


as myspace sucks,

i assume this is the better way to keep you informed.

It's been a while since i really worked seriously on my music or on this band.
And since Phil is no full-time member of this band anymore, it's easier for me to do so. Which does not mean that phil put a giraffe back in any way. it's just easier for me to work on something alone right now.

i'm recording right now.
it's going to be a 6 songs tape with a small zine with photographs i took in philadelphia this August. I wrote most of this songs over there, too.

oh yeah:
this blog is for my music and for photography stuff, which is somehow connected.